Rumor has it that women are weaker when it comes to sports and less capable leaders when it comes to business performance. 

Want to know the truth?

In our current western society, sadly this is true........but only because we allow it to be. 

The Good news is that it doesn't have to be this way and it's entirely up to us to step into our power and thrive. 

So what is going on here?

For a long time now, we have been disconnected. As time has gone by, we have lost the wisdom and the flow, in term, loosing out natural inner power. We don't know our mind and bodies well enough to make the best out of them and get out what we need. 

Let me share a few shocking and life-changing ideas on how you can use your femininity to outperform in sport and thrive in life with ease.  

Are you ready to rock n’ roll?



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Western society and the structure have been created to suit men’s biological rhythm.  

No wonder - men have led and shaped society for so long. Why wouldn’t they shape it according to their needs? We can’t blame them; we would do the same. 

Current companies structures work similarly on a daily basis:

  • Meetings are scheduled weekly and monthly and performance is expected to be the same.
  • Large meetings are scheduled at the beginning of the day as men have the highest level of testosterone at the morning. 
  • The creative outcomes, analytical outcomes, presentational skills, and daily tasks are expected to reach the same bar on a daily basis.


Want to know the woman inside you?

As women, we are cyclic and our mental and physical performance varies during the month. That is why the structure created by men mostly leads us to burnouts, disconnection or frustrations that we are not enough and cannot keep up.


We are equal and It’s about the time we start to think for ourselves. Both men and women are just as hormonal, so are children and our elders. Without hormones.....we would be dead!






So how can we find the flow to work in order to outperform?

Studies show that we are fully mentally capable at all times and we only need to dive in the flow and use our superpowers in order to perform at a high level.

How to be a Wonderwoman and use your superpower each week? 

Get to know the woman inside you. Learn about your cycle and the hormonal changes. Know where and when your strength lie during your cycle*.  

I have an amazing tool called POWR** which helps me to guide my work through the month: 

  • P – Prepare and plan

Prepare and plan the month ahead- the schedule, tasks, ideas for business, brainstorm… 

  • O - Open

The estrogen spikes and stimulate the verbal part of your brain. Socialize, network, do the presentation, communicate, go outside. It’s gonna give you more energy whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. 

  • W – Work  

The progesterone relaxes us and prepares our brains to get things done. This is the GO time and the longest time of our cycle (around 14 days). You are maximally productive, efficient and goal-oriented. It’s time to get things done. 

  • R – Rest

The menstrual phase is when our left brain and right brain communicate the most. This is the perfect time to evaluate everything. Your performance, finances, feelings, business situation. You will know what is right for you and what is the best next step.

You have done an amazing job and you deserve to rest and pamper yourself. This is a super important time. If we listen to our bodies and we allow ourselves to rest, we will come out of the month stronger, rejuvenated and mentally prepared to start a new one.   

Here lies the problem!

Most of us are unaware of the changes, are starting to blame ourselves for being lazy, not consistent, weak…and we let our inner voice full of criticism and guilt let us down as we compare ourselves with previous Wonderwoman days.

This self-doubt time makes us weaker, slower, and leaves us without confidence at the end of the cycle. Again, this is not what nature intended at all. Infact, it's quite the opposite!

Nature wants us to appreciate the work we have done, celebrate our success, restore our energy so we can be even stronger and more powerful.  


women power BIG BLUE t-shirtMen produce all their testosterone while sleeping. Their power is the best right after they wake up and then it slowly decreases.

That is why the early morning routine - doing the same things, the same way every day works for them. 

Their performance, motivation, metabolic system and muscle gain doesn't change during the month.  


Women, on the other hand, aren't meant to be the same every day of the month.

So, let’s stop expecting the same results from our minds and bodies every day. It only adds a good portion of stress, self-doubt, and makes us crazy.

Let’s stop thinking that something is wrong with us and plug into our biological rhythm and thrive in our lives. 

How to plug into our biological rhythm? 


We have to be aware that our metabolic system varies throughout our cycle. 

Men can eat the same way every day but we are supposed to change our intake according to the phase we are in.  So, let's drop another myth that our metabolism is slower than men's. It's not true! Our metabolism is just dynamic (changing in the cycle) comparing to men’s static metabolic system.  

The first half of the cycle  

Our metabolism is slower.  As nature prepares us for having babies at this time, our metabolism tends to be extremely efficient.  It’s ok to eat fewer calories, more raw food and maybe even fast.

The second half of the cycle

Our metabolism starts to speed up! Our body requires a bigger energy output - we need more calories (237 more calories/day). Hurray, we can eat more dense food. 


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The right distribution of nutritional intake during our circle effects more than just our weight loss and body image. It affects our health as well. And here is another myth! :o  PMS and cramps are not normal! To be in pain for 7 days each month is not what nature intended. When we understand our biorhythm, our bodies more, give it the nutrients it needs, we should be able to reduce our PMS symptoms.

Once we eat, work and work out accordingly, our hormonal system gets in balance and we will change into our own superheroes. 


The first half of your cycle 

Your cortisol levels are lower at rest. You can safely do more high intensity workouts and cardio training.  When it comes to kiting, it's time for freestyle and training new tricks. It's also a great time to train more in the gym, do a cross-fit or hit class. 

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The second half of the cycle 

Do you know what happens if you continue to train the same way and do the same high intensity and cardio training in your second half of the phase? 

Read carefully! It's shocking! 

If you keep up the same routine during the second half of your cycle you turn on the fat storage! 

Whaaat? Yes, that is right!

You turn on fat storage and you start losing muscles = you will gain weight and lose lean muscle mass. On top of everything, you are messing up your cycle. This in our will deplete your energy storage, you will feel crashed out and it will be harder to perform physically. 

So during the second half of the cycle, we need to change our workout routine. We shouldn't be doing anything longer than 30 minutes of cardio, but we can continue to lift weights.

As kiters, we want to focus more on our technique, enjoy downwinders, freeride or wave riding to stay in our medium pulse range most of the time.  


Listen to your body and understand your biology. Let’s not ask the question.. WHAT is the right food, fitness or diet…let's ask WHEN! 


If you want to dive deeper into the this topic, these are some of my favourite books:

*Woman code, by Alisa Vitt

**In the Flow by Alisa Vitti

The Optimized Woman: Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Achieve Success and Fulfillment,  by Miranda Gray

Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You,  

by Maisie Hill: 


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