“Where do you leave your dog while you're kiting?”

I'm a kitersurfer and I travel with my dog alone. Naturally, I receive this question frequently.

It is a wonderful reminder for me of how lucky I am. I literally take my dog with me every single time I'm on the water.
Kiting, surfing, swimming, name it.

We walk to the beach together. I get ready for my session, while she is exploring and playing with her friends.
Human and dogs. I make sure she has a bowl of fresh water, say goodbye and start my kite.

Yes, there is a bit of drama when I enter the water.

There is always some barking involved as soon I touch the water with my toe.

She gets super excited when I start and runs with me along the beach until she gets bored.

Then she buggers off, enjoying her free dog life, while I enjoy the wind.


dog at the beach with kite gear

 When I come back on land she is always there waiting

How she does it, I don't know, but the moment I land my kite, she is there.
She is always there; welcoming me with her happy face. And I can't help but feel a little proud. ;-)

We are both used to it. We don't know it any different.
The first 8 months of our life together, we lived in Cabarete directly at the beach.

She has always been a free soul. A leash? We didn't even own one back then.
Some things have changed when we moved to Europe, but the kite days have not.

Important: Safe yourself many troubles and teach your dog NOT to jump onto kites parked on the beach!

Enjoy and have fun together!