Sooner or later, we all go through this experience - our beloved kiteboard is gone.
Sometimes we get lucky and it will come back to us, but unfortunately way too often not. 

As this happened to me just a week ago, I lost my kiteboard and then found it again, I would love to share with you a few tips on how you can increase your chance of finding your kiteboard or better, not losing it in the first place.

In case it happens to you we have got good news: BIG BLUE BOARDS offers 30% discount for a new board to those of you who have lost your board.

the lightest kite board for women

lost kiteboard?  Happens more often, than you would think.
Good news: BIG BLUE BOARDS offers 30% discount for a new board to those of you who have lost your board.

If you can see the kiteboard, do this:

Most common scenario, you lose your board while kiting. As long your kite is still up and flying, bodydrag upwind till you reach the board. Even if you can't see the board this is the way to go. Be assured, the board is most certainly upwind of you. 
make sure you make long enough tags and of the same length, like this you will not miss the board and end up eventually by your board.

If you can't reach the board because of the waves/current, don't hesitate asking someone who's kiting around you for help.
Don't forget to buy him/her a beer as a thank you :)

Speaking of - do you know how to retrieve another kiters board? 
It definitely is a very good skill to know for every kiter. Sooner or later we all get in the situation, where we want or should help, and recover someone else's board. From a certain level we should not only be watching and hoping for someone else to help in this situations, but take action our selfs.

it is not so hard, get the theory basics and go for it. You will love the feeling being able to actually help.
have a look at this video - Kitesurf Tutorial - How to rescue a board in 7 steps

Important: Don't get too over motivated! Only help, if the other kiter is far downwind from his board or seems to have difficulties body dragging upwind. 
Don't get too close to the other kite at any point, very often a helping hand causes more problems than actual help.  Sometimes simply pointing out the board can help enough. 

How to rescue your friends board!

If you can't see the board anymore, do this:

  •  Save yourself and your kite - do the safety pack down (self rescue) if you need to.

    2. Appreciate that you are safe and in one piece and be thankful to the people who helped you out.

    3. Talk to the kite schools, to check if somebody has handed your kiteboard in in the meanwhile and return back the following day.

    4. Give your WhatsApp number and email to the kite schools, send them a picture of the kiteboard. Ask them to contact you if somebody brings the board to them.

    5. Talk to the locals, beachboys, fishermen and explain the situation. Offer them a reasonable reward. You will me amazed how helpful it is to talk to the locals on the beach and how much effort they will take on them to find your board or anything else your might have lost.
    (I got back my GoPro in Kenya the next by a fisherman. He had found it UNDER his boat!!)

    6. Wait for a few days and don't lose faith!

    7. If it isn't found then LET GO - trust the universe and believe that everything happens for a reason. Even those things that may seem unfair will probably take you to a better place.
kite community

Helping other kite boarder is a nice way
to meet people and make new friends.

Prevention is better than the cure - this tips will help you to  keep the chances of losing your board to a minimum

Losing a kite board is very annoying but it is something most of us have to go through sooner or later. 
Learn from other experiences and maybe you will be lucky. 

1. Never leave your board unattended 
Yes, you trust the people around you, no you should not. It happens rarely but it happens, equipment gets stolen, from the beach, from your apartment's terrace ,from the car. Prevent this and don't give this possibilities to the less honest people around you. 

2. Don't leave your board by the beach
This applies for all your equipment. Even if your break is planned only for a couple of minuets, don't leave your board by the beach. I know what I am talking about since my board got washed away by the upcoming current in Tanzania within the time frame of 15 short minutes!

3. Don't take risks 
Wind is uncertain or rain is in sight? Stay close to the shore, don't take risks. 

4. Self rescue? Attach your board on your leach
Even if you're super busy with your kite, or already close to the shore, keep your board with you. Yes, also this happened to me already. My board got dragged out with a rip current and offshore wind - needless to say, it was never be seen again.

5. Traveling/flying with a board - make sure your bag is insured!
this is not a prevention for loosing your board, but more for loosing your money.
Your board bag is so big, it can't get lost on the flight? Wrong, it can. My bag did not arrive with me on my last flight and did not the following weeks. The Airline is liable for your bag BUT careful, only to a maximum amount of 1.299 € 
And we know, our kite equipment is usually worth far more than that make sure your bag is insured properly before you send it on a flight.

To  let go is sometimes the hardest but also the most liberating thing you can do. As we have all been through this experience, BIG BLUE BOARDS offers 30% discount for a new board to those of you who have lost your board.

This discount is based completely on trust and honesty. We believe that nobody will play around with karma. All you need to do is to email us the spot where you lost your board and answer the question – ‘what your kite board meant to you?’

We have also created some kiteboard stickers with a blank space for your contact (email and name) to make sure that if somebody finds the board, they can trace it back to you.

If it isn't found then LET GO - trust the universe and believe that everything happens for a reason

this is an image to all collection with simple heading, text AND WIEW DETAILS BUTTIN

BIG BLUE BOARDS - women's kiteboarding.

BIG BLUE Boards is the first women-only kite board brand.

We bring equality to kiteboarding by offering high-quality equipment specifically designed for women.

Contact us:
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to: info@bigblueboards.com
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