Mystic Kitesurf Straps, one size

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These straps convert your waist harness into a seat harness in a matter of seconds. Comfortable wide straps for around your legs without any friction. The Mystic Strappies fit on every Mystic waist harness.

Do you find your waist harness rides up while kitesurfing? Would you like the support and steadfast position of a seat harness but still have the freedom of movement and comfort of a waist harness?…………

Mystic strappies are the ideal solution!


They are fully adjustable and can fit onto any harness making them perfect to use when moving from seat to waist harness.

No need to buy a seat harness when you are learning and then a second waist harness later down the line once you have progressed. You can now buy your waist harness when you start and add the Mystic strappies to stop it moving around and riding up.

The harness leg straps are attached with adjustable webbing and do no restrict your movement like a full on seat harness. They stop the harness hook from moving up when flying the kite as well as reducing any unwanted twisting.

As well as being great for kitesurfing, the Mystic strappies are perfect for snowkiting, keeping your harness in position when it would often slip on your clothing.


  • Comfort padded adjustable legstraps
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Convert any waist harness to seat style
  • Great freedom of movement
  • Universal fit