Mystic Diva Women's Kite Harness, multicolor 2021

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Mystic Diva Harness - the most comfortable harness for the female shape

The Mystic Diva is a specialized women's kitesurf harness, with anatomical back support and molded foam for full comfort. 

The soft neoprene edges offer a more comfortable fit and prevents rash while riding without a wetsuit.

The thermo mould let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body.

The spreader bar protector pad reduces pressure on the chest and stomach, helping prevent injury and provides an extreme soft feel.

All this comfort will keep you on the water for longer sessions!

The Mystic Diva looks amazing, offering premium back support and lots of comfort.


Hook it up with a Mystic Kite Bananabar, and you are good to go. 

*The Mystic Banana spreaderbar is included in the price.

Available in three colors.


The Mystic Diva Waist Harness is and has:

    • Soft neoprene edges for comfort
    • Fix foam
    • Spreader bar protector
    • Anatomical backplate
    • Double power leash ring
    • Handle Pass attachment included
    • 4 point fixation
    • Specialized Female Shape
    • Including safety knife
    • including Mystic Banana bar