Mystik Kiteboarding Harness Dazzled Women, Mist Mint

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 A softshell experience with hardshell ambitions

This Flexshell waist harness gives you best of all worlds.
It offers strength, support and maximum freedom of movement at a fair price.

Comfortable as you can imagine

The Dazzled has a specialized female 3D moulded shape, anatomical backplate and soft neoprene edges which makes it as comfortable as you can imagine.

The soft neoprene offers a more comfortable fit and prevents rash while riding without a wetsuit

Thanks to the unique Mystic Spreader Down System the spreader bar does not raise and dig into your rips, preventing a big discomfort and serious injuries.

Top of the range to a fair price

This harness has all the technological aspects of Mystics top of the range harnesses yet at an affordable price.


Best support for any riding style

You like free riding, first hooked tricks or explosive unhooked tricks? The Mystic Dazzled harness  will provide you with the right support, no matter the conditions or riding style.


3D moulded flex shell

A pre-curved 3D anatomical backplate, which locks itself around the waist for the most effective and supportive fit.

The 3D shaped concave Flexshell combines strength and support with maximum freedom of movement.



  • Super soft feeling, anatomical back support
  • Multi hook Bananabar - very easy detachment with one click
  • Soft non-foam edges
  • Side panels covered with neoprene
  • A cable on the back to attach the leash and hold the rider in strong wind