WAHOO | directional Kitesurf | small waves | sptrapless freestyle | women

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WAHOO is top-quality & women's fit directional kitesurf board which got it all!  

It is a durable, flexible awesome wave board!  Probably the lightest board on the market for its size & volume.

We want the ‘Wahoo’ to be the best kitesurf board for ladies who have already learned twintip and want to start riding directional kitesurf board or are into strapless freestyl.

FOR WHOM: From beginners to advanced | strapless freestyle

FOR WHAT LEVEL: Small to medium waves | freestyle


  • Easy to ride but doesn’t limit your progress
  • The full top deck and concave shape keeps you on the board – makes your takeoff and ride easy
  • Thin profile with wider edges allows you to grasp the board firmly even for small hands – easy to handle in the water and while jumping
  • Great upwind, and lively feel in the surf
  • Extremely light and easy to manipulate
  • Handmade and hand-shaped by pro surf shapers


Top-quality & women´s fit

Wahoo is an all-round women’s specific directional kiteboard to meet the demands of a more diverse range of conditions.

It is a hybrid board blending speed and agility for use in a variety of conditions.

The key to this claim, is a carefully designed board with a lower volume, smaller size, concave shape of the deck and a narrower stance to suit girls.

The 5’4 length creates stability in higher winds and powerful surf, while the intermediate width assists with the drive to cope better in less than ideal conditions.

A single concave bottom shape keeps the Wahoo Surf stable while the surfed shape narrow tail provides the maneuverability and the drive you need.



Size: 5´4 / Volume: 18 (ideal for 50-80 kg)

Weight: 3,1kg

Fin setup: Quad fin drive (4 fins) / futures compatible

Handmade by pro surf shapers

Production: Produced in the EU

Construction and materials used in Wahoo :

  • Hight density AIREX FOAM core 
  • Fiberglass + Epoxy system 
  • Mold  Vacum construction

Directional kite surf board BIG BLUE Boards, Wahoo, women's kite surf board


- Full top deck



You style all your equipment to your favorite color and you need to keep it in style.

We're happy to create any color you like on-demand - you just need to wait a bit longer than for our BigBlue color. 

As the board will be customized for you the lead time is about 7 weeks longer than standard delivery time.

Extra costs: €150
Additional colors on demand with 5 weeks delivery